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A Comprehensive Look At The Types Of Laboratories

Laboratories are where ideas are converted into reality. Although these laboratories may be fundamentally same, they are different from each other in terms of purpose for which they are designed, apparatuses used, and nature of chemicals being used for experiments.


The categories in which the laboratories are divided are as follows:

Chemistry Laboratories: There are several experiments that are being carried out in this type of setting ranging from calculating the density of ice, figuring out the sublimation procedure of air-freshener to studying the effect of copper envelope and separating chemicals from the seawater. To conclude different experiments, the apparatuses used are droppers, gas jars, beakers, flasks, test tubes, measuring cylinders and more.

Chemistry laboratory is again a storage space for different sorts of hazardous chemicals and reagents. This kind of laboratories are divided into different classes such as organic chemistry laboratory, inorganic chemistry laboratory, physical chemistry and analytical chemistry laboratory. Every subtype of chemistry laboratory has different set of apparatuses according to its type. If any chemical spills, then it could be hazardous for the personnel therefore furniture manufacturers in India always ensure that they deliver furniture of superior quality in these laboratories.

Bioscience Laboratories: This kind of laboratories are also known as “life science” laboratories. The laboratory is mainly designed for carrying out research work that could change the future. Bioscience laboratory is equipped with some instruments such as wet/ dry lab benches, fume hoods, laminar flow hoods, biosafety cabinets and general laboratory supplies. Chemicals for the research are stored in accordance with certain codes to eliminate the possibility of any kind of accidents.

Physical Science Laboratories: The research work done in this sort of laboratory is based on sciences such as astrophysics, astronomy, aeronomy, planetary atmosphere, earth sciences, theoretical physics, quantum optics and more. The equipment used in this sort of laboratory range from vernier calliper, micrometer, spectrometer, prism, magnets, resistance box to tuning forks and much more. As these instruments are play an important role in making any experiment a success, personnel become very particular while storing them. Therefore, they demand only durable furniture from their laboratory furniture suppliers.

Medical Laboratories: Medical laboratories are where tests are done on specimens to find cures and study different diseases. Since living organisms are involved, all the tests done belong to the biological nature. The different types of apparatuses used in this kind of laboratory include beaker, Erlenmeyer flasks, Florence flask, graduated cylinders, pipets and more.

Research Laboratories: The name itself indicates that new concepts are transformed into reality at this place. This kind of laboratory is further divided into different divisions on the basis of subject of research. Some of the most common laboratories are physical research laboratories, chemical research laboratories, telecommunication research laboratories, space research laboratories and more. The apparatus used in the laboratory vary according to the type.

Clinical Pathology Laboratories: This sort of laboratory is a sub-division of medical laboratory. In this laboratory, the reports of the tests are released after carrying out the laboratory analysis of bodily fluids such as blood and urine. Sometimes, tests are also carried out on the tissue homogenates with the help of tools of chemistry, microbiology, haematology or molecular pathology.

University Laboratory: Laboratories in schools and colleges are where the future generation implement theoretical knowledge learnt from textbooks. These kinds of laboratories are then divided into different segments. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Microbiology, Geology and other such laboratories. The apparatuses stored here are different and depends on type of the laboratory.

There are many other kinds of laboratories apart from the one loaded with apparatuses that turn concept into reality. Whatever the kind of laboratory, fact remains that innovations are best performed on sturdy modular lab furniture.

Therefore, laboratory personnel needs to be very careful with the selection of laboratory furniture suppliers as well as manufacturers. When you are weighing factors to select the most reliable laboratory furniture manufacturer in India, do check their experience and the variety they provide in terms of products. Always opt for companies that offer custom solutions.

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