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Laboratory Casework
Decades of experience have gone into making XGEN and PLUS the most fully functional, durable, and easiest to deploy lab furnishings available in India today. Whether you are building a new laboratory, renovating or upgrading an existing lab, the GDLS range of laboratory furnishing will fulfill your needs. In addition to the standard products it is our fulfillment of custom requirements that include mobility, modularity, data connectively, lighting and security - simply tell us what you need.

Highest quality. Best built. Most durable. Most versatile. Take your pick. They’re all descriptions that have become synonymous with GDLS in the last 30 years. But our fanatical commitment to building the best is more than just talk. The extraordinary fit and finish of every GDLS product reflects that devotion to providing what customers want and need. Customers see our quality in clean, functional lines. They hear it in the sound of a drawer sliding effortlessly closed. They feel it in the solidity of a well-made unit. And they experience it in the attention to the smallest of details of design assistance, installation and after-sale service.
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Construction Details
GDLS’s fully-welded, heavy-gauge, steel base cabinets are built to rigorous benchmarks. They are certified to meet all SEFA 8 performance standards. Base cabinets are available in many styles of cupboard units, drawer units and drawer and cupboard units.
Cabinet Body
- Heavy-gauge formed and welded steel cabinet body construction provides strength and durability. 
- Full height removable back (supplied for all cupboard units, and for other units when specified) provides full   access to service chase.
- Adjustable shelves
- Flush corner construction for smooth seamless cabinet face.
- Lipped end panels and rails for built-in dust protection
Cabinet Bottom & Base
- One-piece case bottom and horizontal front rail. Adjusting bolt access hole with removable plug button.
- Completely enclosed toe space promotes laboratory cleanliness.
- Lower corner reinforcing gusset with leveling bolts
Steel Finish
- Environmentally friendly, electrostatically applied powder-coat finish.
- Laboratory grade formulation meets all SEFA 8 chemical requirements.
Steel Door
- Two-piece door construction painted before assembly. Structurally sound deadened for added rigidity and quiet   operation.
- 5-knuckle institutional type stainless steel hinges
- Continuous hinge reinforcement.
- Positive latching mechanism.
- Rubber door bumpers.
- Variety of door and drawer pulls available.
Steel Drawer
- Full access drawer with lock open feature.
- Interchangeable, interlocking drawer head, sound deadened for quiet operation.
- One piece drawer body with radiused bottom for easy cleaning.
- Ball bearing drawer rollers for smooth and quiet operation.
Custom Manufacturing
Today's laboratories often require customization to meet very specific and necessary requirements. We can provide innovative custom product solutions to meet your specific requirements. GDLS has the experience, software, and state-of-the-art tooling necessary to work with you to conceptualize, develop, design and fabricate custom products.
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