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Workshop on Lab Safety; Planning, Designing, and Creating Labs of Future
Held on 29th March 2016, Workshop on Laboratory Casework and Chemical Fume Hoods in Ahmedabad organized by GD Lab Solutions Pvt. Ltd., saw an overwhelming participation of professionals from numerous industries like Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Environment, Dairy, Agriculture, Education, Bio-Science
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10 Effective Tips to Put Fume Hoods to Good Use
A drop of chemical and the room is covered in a pungent smell. One should follow certain rules of placing chemicals in fume hood structures to create a favourable working environment in a laboratory.
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A Comprehensive Look At The Types Of Laboratories
Laboratories are where ideas are converted into reality. Although these laboratories may be fundamentally same, they are different from each other in terms of purpose for which they are designed, apparatuses used, and nature of chemicals being used for experiments.
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7 Essential Tips To Ensure A Safe Lab Experience
Laboratories certainly are a place where we experiment to invent things that would shape the future, but if we take a wrong move we can become victims of serious accidents. Whether we are working all by ourselves, in a group or around people, carelessness can lead to dangerous mishaps.
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Fume Hoods: Ventilating Enclosures To Handle Harmful Fumes Safely
When scientists are performing experiments, they are subjected to harmful gases and fumes that can harm their health. In laboratories, it is of utmost importance to care for health and safety of people who are taking us a step ahead in the journey of progress and innovations.
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A breakthrough in fume hood technology has started a paradigm shift in how we view and use chemical fume hoods. We have classified this technologically advanced fume
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An Ultimate Guide For Selecting Appropriate Laboratory Furniture
Scientists are exposed to dangerous and toxic gases when experimenting in laboratory premises. Therefore, laboratory design, quality of lab benches, safety features and corrosion resistance are some of the most important things that scientists and owners look into while setting up a lab.
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GDLS is proud to announce its appointment as an “Authorised Distributor” in India for Trespa Toplab PLUS Phenolic Resin Laboratory Worktops from Trespa, Netherlands.
GDLS will keep stock of TRESPA’s ToplabPLUS range of worktops in various colours at Vadodara, Gujarat to serve the immediate needs of Indian Users and Lab Furniture Manufacturers.
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GDLS At India Lab Expo 2014, Hyderabad

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"Plus" - New series of International Quality Laboratory Casework launched !
In keeping with its efforts to implement latest generation manufacturing practices and with close inputs from an internationally recognized US Consultant with 35 years experience in the Laboratory Fume Hood and Casework industry in USA, the company has launched Laboratory Casework & Fume Hoods meeting global standards.
Latest Generation Pre Treatment & Powder Coating Plant (Nordson, USA) commissioned !
In line with its effort to upgrade products and capabilities, the company has just commissioned a state-of-the-art Pre Treatment and Powder Coating Plant at its expanded manufacturing facility near Vadodara. This new addition will ensure globally accepted surface finishes for our products.
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Fume Hood Workshops held in Mumbai & Hyderabad, Conducted by Internationally Recognised Expert, Chip Albright from USA.
Participations were from Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Architects, Consultants, Energy, Education and other sectors. Participants found the Workshop highly educative and informative. The emphasis on “Safety in the Laboratory” was found to be an eye-opener in many respects by all. At the end of the workshop, participants were awarded individualized “Fume Hood Certified” certificates. GD Labs plans to conduct more such Workshops to create awareness of Safety regularly. Email your name and contact information to this id so that we may inform you about the next session.
( fumehoods@gdls.in )

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New Corporate Office
The company will be soon moving into its ultra-modern Corporate Office, which is nearing completion. Situated at the factory, the new Office will facilitate much closer liaison between market needs and manufacturing, thus providing better customer support. The office will house all the requisites of a modern work environment including facilities for generating large volume of engineering drawings and a huge display area of the company’s products.
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State-of-the-art modernization at Factory.
In keeping with its efforts to implement latest generation manufacturing practices and with close inputs from Chip Albright (internationally recognized US Consultant with 35 years experience in the Laboratory Fume Hood and Casework industry in USA) the factory is in the process of revitalizing and upgrading its capabilities. Besides a high-volume, automatic Powder Coating Plant from USA, the new additions include CNC Bending Machines (China), CNC Turret Punch Press (Japan), TIG, MIG Welding set-up and so on. All these machines will enhance the company’s capabilities to manufacture the nest generation Series of Fume Hoods (already launched) and Lab Casework (launching soon) which are designed to US safety standards and quality.
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“NEW” launch of Fume Hoods.
The XGEN series (name denotes future generation) are ‘Research Grade, High Performance Laboratory Fume Hoods’. These are fully manufactured in India and are the 5th generation of a highly successful Hood line from USA - each generation built on the successes of its predecessor. They have been tested to several US Hood standards like ASHRAE 110 @4LPM/0.05PPM, the NIH Standard, and the EPA standard for High Performance Hoods. They also meet the definition of a SEFA 1 High Performance Hood, making them the most robust performing standard Hood on the market.
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Changing, for the better…
GD is on the threshold of vibrant and pulsating changes. The company has changed its name from "Gordhandas Desai Pvt. Ltd." to "GD Lab Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The new name signifies sweeping changes right from upgrading and modernizing it’s manufacturing to introduction of a brand new series of Fume Hoods and Laboratory Casework, matching international safety and quality standards.
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