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Fume Hoods: Ventilating Enclosures To Handle Harmful Fumes Safely

When scientists are performing experiments, they are subjected to harmful gases and fumes that can harm their health. In laboratories, it is of utmost importance to care for health and safety of people who are taking us a step ahead in the journey of progress and innovations.

The Fume Hood is an equipment that is designed with an aim to regulate the flow of normal air and release the harmful emissions out of the laboratory premises. Ideally, the purpose of a Fume Hood is to capture, contain and remove contaminants by preventing their circulation in their laboratory.

It is apparent that every laboratory is designed to lead to a unique invention and thereby has a specific need. To fulfil the demand of each and every laboratory, different types of Fume Hood models are available in the market. The most basic kind of Fume Hoods are Conventional and By Pass.

The Conventional Fume Hood is a simple enclosure with the least complicated construction. The super structure includes interior baffle with a movable sash. This type of hood from fume hood suppliers in India operates at an exhaust volume with majority of air entering the hood through the sash opening. If you are in a laboratory where there is least emission of harmful gases, then the Conventional Fume Hood is right choice for you. It is one of the least expensive options for fume hoods and its performance mostly depends on the position of the sash.

While, By-pass hood operates at a constant volume and is designed in such a manner that it operate at a constant volume while the sash is closed. The perfect yet intricate design of fume hoods support redistribution of air which minimizes amount of high velocity air stream that accumulates at the edge of sash.

Although both types of fume hoods improve the environment of laboratories by increasing its safety value, the location of the hood within the laboratory is absolutely critical. They should be away from doors and windows and from areas of rapid movement to prevent air turbulence.

The advantages you can get from such structures are as follows:

  • Efficiency: Appropriate positioning of fume hoods maximizes its performance and reduces the waste of conditioned air to a great extent.
  • Safety: Fume hoods placed correctly take safety of the user into consideration. A proper combination of sashes, air flow monitors, aerodynamic spill containment airfoils instils a feeling of confidence in scientists that they are safe while working with chemicals.
  • Air Flow Control: Cornered and tapered end of fume hoods support flow of air and reduces the turbulence to a great extent. This type of arrangement increases efficiency of overall exhaust system.
  • Energy Consumption: A Conventional Fume Hood utilizes three to four times more energy than an average home. If you keep it at the correct position, then air volume is reduced and so is the consumption of energy. This also reduces size of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) equipment and thereby makes laboratory a spacious place.
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