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The XGEN is a Research Grade “High Performance Laboratory Fume Hood’’ meets the definition of SEFA 1 High Performance hood.

The XGEN Fume Hood range is the 5th generation of highly successful hood line from USA – each generation built on the successes of its predecessor.
Fume Hood Superstructure
Four pan adaptable, rugged construction compared to conventional frame and liner construction, the unique modular pan construction provides a solid superstructure which provides superior protection to both operator and facility in the unfortunate event of fire and explosion in the laboratory.

Material of Construction:
MOC is High quality furniture grade CRCA 1.2 mm to 2.0mm thick (cold rolled, close annealed) meeting requirements of ASTM A366.

Fume Hood Interior:
Entirely coated with imported Polypropylene powder coating. All 3 interior walls of the Fume Hoods are coated with the unique PP coating for superior chemical, corrosion resistance and fire retardancy compared to liner materials. It offers an excellent, hard and long-lasting finish that overcomes the need for a separate liner on interior surfaces of fume hood.

Ergonomic Aero dynamic radial curved type Upper Airfoil, Lower and front vertical facia from Stainless Steel, 1.2 mm thick, ensures smooth even flow of air into the hood. The vertical facias may contain the required service controls, electrical fittings and receptacles.

The exterior enclosure side panels of the superstructure is constructed from CRCA Sheet, 1.2mm thick painted with epoxy paint. Panels are removable for access into the interior housing. Access is also gained through removable panels in the interior liner. These interior removable panels of the same material as the liner whichis gasketed with mechanical fasteners and held in place by non-metallic access clips.

Size of Upper Units:
Length =1219 /1524 /1829 /2134 /2439mm ( 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 feet)
Height = 1385 mm
Depth = 855 /1000/1200mm
Fume Hood Airfoil
Ergonomic Aero dynamic curved type lower airfoil of Stainless Steel, 1.2 mm thick is designed to focus on reducing turbulence, creating an air flow to sweep the work surface to remove fumes and sweep them into the baffles. These Fume Hood Airfoils are new standard for high performance, low flow hoods.
Fume Hood Baffle
Design of the baffle plays a crucial role in the function of the Fume Hood. Three point suction design of baffle system provides safe and efficient removal of fumes, when the superstructure is connected to a laboratory ventilation system. The high-performance baffle system has the same unique imported P.P. coating.
Fume Hood Duct Collar
The rectangular duct collar provides superior baffle efficiency and also reduces noise.
Fume Hood Lighting
Two tube, rapid start, vapour sealed fluorescent light fixture of maximum length is provided on each superstructure. Each fixture shall include two tubes providing candle powers at the work surface. Light fixtures are isolated from the hood interior by tempered glass panel sealed from the hood cavity.
Fume Hood Sash
Fume hoods shall have a full view, vertical rising/combination (horizontal and vertical sliding), toughened glass sash 6 mm thick fitted in powder coated aluminum extrusion for smooth and light sash operation. Clear sash open height is 700mm
Counter balance system
Single weight, sprocket and chain, counter balance system which prevents sash tilting and permits ease of operation at any point along full width pull. Maximum 3.2 Kg pull required to raise or lower sash throughout its full length of operating sash opening.
Fume Hood Service Fixtures and Fittings
Premium quality Remote-control Valves are provided for operation by way of an ‘in and out’ facility with flexible hose passing through the side / bottom panel of the hood. Color coded washers at hose nozzle outlets and valves mounted inside the fume hood and controlled from the outside with color- coded index handles offers ease of operation.

Electrical Services:
Reputed make Single Phase 50 Hz, receptacles rated at 230 V A.C. at 5/15 Amp are provided as standard.
Fume Hood Work Surface
Work surfaces: 30mm thick surface is offered.
- Dished Black Granite / Ceramic / Solid Epoxy Resin / Phenolic Resin as specified
- Dished / Raised Edge –Stainless Steel for Radio Isotope and Perchloric Acid Hoods
Fume Hood Base
The Fume Hood upper unit is placed on Base Cabinets of H=893mm. Its super structure is coated with unique imported PP coating for superior chemical, corrosion resistance and fire retardancy.
Front Shutter / panel of cabinets are with epoxy-polyester paint to match with casework colour in the laboratory.
Solvent /Flammable Liquids / Acid storage cabinets are supplied on request.
Fume Hood Finish
On-line jet type pre-treatment ensures thorough cleaning and effective surface preparation to enable excellent bonding during powder coating.

Powder Coating:
On-line fully automatic powder coating plant ensures consistent thickness and excellent surface finish.
Fume Hood Accessories
Safety Alarms and Monitors, Temperature Indicator, Lattices, Fire Suppressor System and other accessories are available on request.
International Standards

XGEN Hoods have been tested to several USA hood standards like ASHRAE 110 (@4LPM/0.05 ppm), NIH and EPA standard.

GDLS’s Fume Hood test facility is an essential asset used in new and custom product development and testing. Witness testing of fume hoods to the ASHRAE 110 “As Manufactured” and the performance criteria of ANSI Z9.5 protocol are available. A skilled fume hood specialist will conduct standard or specialty investigative testing to meet specific customer requirements.

Being a leading ducted and ductless fume hood manufacturer, the facility is equipped with a broad array of calibrated measuring devices and operated by competent, well-trained personnel. GDLS has extensive experience with quantitative and qualitative testing in conformance to industry standards and customer requirements in addition to assisting customers in identifying and correcting performance deviations.

In serving our customers' testing needs, GDLS offers testing on:
- Customer modified methods
- As installed in VAV simulations
- Custom Fume Hoods
- Special laboratory conditions

Our strong commitment toducted and ductless fume hood safety coupled with unparalleled technical expertise serves as the foundation for our longstanding customer relationships. We welcome architects, engineers and end users to our fume hood test facility to witness and participate hands-on.


Know more about our Fume Hoods, contact us at sales@gdls.in
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