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7 Essential Tips To Ensure A Safe Lab Experience

Laboratories certainly are a place where we experiment to invent things that would shape the future, but if we take a wrong move we can become victims of serious accidents. Whether we are working all by ourselves, in a group or around people, carelessness can lead to dangerous mishaps. Therefore, it is necessary that we follow certain safety regulations in a laboratory. Here are some of the essential tips:

No Food And Drink In The Laboratory Premises:
It is one of the most prevalent habits and apparently the hardest to leave. Many laboratory personnel have a habit of drinking or eating while working in a laboratory. This habit distracts individuals working in the laboratory from their desired goal. As food waste is too messy, it proves to be an obstacle in maintaining cleanliness. There are possibilities that chemicals and toxic elements can contaminate the food and drinks which can deteriorate the health of people working in the laboratory.

Working In Groups:
Working in teams and groups is always encouraging. More eyes and hands certainly eliminates the possibility of any mistake or slip during experiment. To err is human and working in team mitigates the chances of such flaws. It also helps in getting quick care in case a partner is injured.

Utilize Warning Signs:
Anything that is dangerous or requires attention, should be labelled with explicitly visible signs. Place all the hazardous chemicals in the places marked in OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration)guidelines.

Electricity is used in abundance in any laboratory, therefore, it is evident that accidents related to it can happen. One should be extremely careful with all the electrical systems and mark the circuit breakers clearly. Markings on risky places play a major role in assuring the security of a laboratory.

Place Flammable Chemicals In Fire Cabinets:
All the chemicals that can catch fire instantly should be carefully handled and placed in fire cabinets. One should add warnings on the bottles of chemicals, like “Don't forget to place the chemicals back in the fire cabinet”. Make sure that you don't overload any of these structures with chemicals, doing so can also lead to hazards.

Create A Laboratory Safety Manual:
One of the main reason for any hazard or accident in the laboratory is unawareness regarding the safety rules and carelessness. Drafting a laboratory manual is the best alternative for this situation. List down all the safety rules and the ideal place for storing reactive and toxic chemicals in the manual. Also mention the height at which sash should be kept opened for optimum performance of fume hood structures.

Inspections On A Regular Basis:
While working with hazardous chemicals, it may spill on the surface of the furniture. Furniture plays a major role in the success of any experiment. Therefore, make it a point that you check the surfaces of the furniture. Working of sinks, casework and laboratory benches should be duly checked too. Need of regular inspection can be mitigated to certain extent, if you invest in quality modular lab furniture.

Practice Safety Drills:
It is always said that “Prevention is better than cure” and one should always be prepared for disasters. Keeping this concept in mind, practice safety drills on a regular basis. You can also explain the working of different laboratory instruments such as casework and fume hoods in such drills. While performing drills, make sure that every individual understands the concepts you explain.

Keep all these tips in mind while working in a lab and contribute your bit to shape the bright future of the nation!

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